Goodbye, old friend

I started this blog way back in April 2011 for a journalism project in high school. I loved blogging so much that I decided to keep it.

Of Pens, Patterns and Arpeggios has been fun, but I have been feeling it get tired, dull. In hopes that a new, squeaky-clean blog will rekindle my desire to write, I decided to create one.

I will no longer be posting here. This is the link to my new blog: http://celiascupofcoffee19.blogspot.com/

Hope you'll hop over and take a look!


late summer lovelies

Fruit-infused ice water. Refreshing and pretty to look at, this has been my go-to drink for warm weather. Lemons, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, cucumber- they're all delightful.

A new copy of a well-loved book. My old copy of Christy was falling apart- literally. The front and back covers have long since fallen off, and the middle section was starting to take a vacation from the binding. Christy is one of my most favorite novels of all time- heartwarming, humorous, fresh, beautiful.

New nail polish. Essie in Eternal Optimist, a fun little addition to my collection.

These late summer days have been filled with sunshine, cloud-watching, runs in the evening, laughing, rolled-down windows, friends, cook-outs, road-trips, beautiful sunsets, rainstorms, chalk drawings, music...

Autumn is coming. Soon, the air will be frosted, filled with falling leaves and new opportunities. I can't wait.


When the days close in

the days seem to close in.
I feel suffocated, overwhelmed.

And then I look at the sky.
The big, beautiful, breathtaking sky.

And I remember that I am part of something bigger.
Something beautiful.
Something breathtaking. 
I am part of the beating vibrancy of life itself.

A piece of the puzzle.
A thread in the weaving.
This beautiful dance under the sky.



exhaustion and whangdoodles

I will warn you in advance: I am very, very exhausted right now. Like, the kind of exhausted when you get home from work and you think, the floor looks comfy. I am not laying on the floor right now. I am laying on the couch. But I might move.

I started playing my violin again recently. It's been months, maybe even a year. My intonation was horrific, the strings were cutting into my fingers and I had a bruise on my jawbone from the chin rest. It was bad. But I practiced a bit every day, and now I sound half-way decent again. I no longer sound like those children in movies when they're practicing their violin. You know, the hair-raising, scratchy, off-key sort of playing that sounds like no other sound in this world.

I love looking at water. The way the sun makes webs of light, the way the surface ripples and changes. I am happiest when I am near water.

I should really give up on trying to draw. But I never learn. So I tend to get rather peculiar results. Like this mermaid-looking thing with creepy eyes.

There is one more thing I wanted to say. Actually, two.

1. Whangdoodle, in case you were wondering, is actually a word in the dictionary. At least, it's on Dictionary.com. It is defined as a fanciful creature of undefined nature. I first heard the word on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and was later elated to find that it actually existed. Now you may add it to your vocabulary. And get puzzled looks. Lots of puzzled looks.

2. I like to eat frozen peas. Not like cooked frozen peas, actual frozen peas. They're really good. If you've never tried them, go to your freezer right now and eat one. You'll thank me later. Your taste buds will too.