I stabbed myself this morning

Ha ha! I knew that would get your attention.

No, really. I did stab myself this morning. On the finger. With a pin. Actually, with multiple pins. At least four times.

If any of you have ever sewn in any shape or form, you have probably had the painful experience of poking yourself, either with a pin or a needle. If you have not yet had this experience, do me a favor - don't do it. And whatever you do, don't bleed all over your fabric.

You might be wondering how I managed to stab myself. Well, I was having my weekly sewing lesson, in which I was working on my latest project - a Regency gown. (In case you are not familiar with the Regency period, it's like the dresses they wear in Pride and Prejudice.)

I was bravely shoving a bunch of impossible gathers under the foot of my machine, and a few nasty little pins were hidden within the folds. And though I was repeatedly pricked and poked, I completed my task and successfully defeated the nasty little pins.

And now I say to my pins, Ha! You have at last met your match!

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Emilia said...

I love your humor! ;)