I've been thinking recently...
What if God hadn't given us an appreciation for beauty?
What if
I looked at a gorgeous magnolia tree in full bloom... coldly, with no reaction whatsoever to those delicate blossoms drifting lazily in the breeze?
What if
I gazed upon a majestic, glowing sunset, the sky filled with glorious colors... without any awe or wonder stirring in my heart at the greatness of the Creator?
What if
I glanced at a newly-opened, pure white rose, then at a pile of garbage... and noticed no difference?

Thank you Lord, for giving us beauty...
  And the ability to see it.

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Higgenbottom said...

Amen! Take a kitten and place it in a toddler's lap and watch the toddler's eyes light up. Appreciation for beauty is a wonderful gift from the Lord.