The Dreadful Music-Dependence-Syndrome

   This evening, at the prompting of my dad, I sat down and attempted to play a song on the piano without my music. It was a horrible feeling. I am one that likes the security of the music before me on the piano, and when it was gone, IT. WAS. SCARY.
   I suddenly had to stop depending on my eyes and start depending on my ears. When I lost my place I couldn't scramble to find it on the music and retrieve my dignity. THERE WERE NO PAGES TO TURN.
  Anyway, this experience has opened my eyes to a very important fact. When I am done learning and playing all that accompaniment music, I need to start attempting to memorize some music.
   It would be really cool to be able to sit down at any piano, anywhere, and just play a song -- no music, no nothing, just me and the piano and the (hopefully) beautiful sounds flowing out. Memorizing also opens the door to improvisation, another art which I have yet to master.
  Anyway, this was kind of an exciting revelation...I will keep you all posted on all future memorization attempts, which I will most likely start next month.


Jenn said...

Music is truly a gift of another language. One that crosses all socio-economic-geo borders.
Memorize because you can, memorize because it's hard, and memorize because wherever you are (that a piano is present) your talent can be an opportunity to glorify God.
It's an amazing stress reliever as well. Off to college way back when, and I found myself packing my music.....God had a plan of course. Finals approaching and I'm still exploring the campus to discover the safe haven of the claustrophobic practice rooms. Hours later I emerge with a burden lifted and a renewed perspective. "All things are possible with Christ ...determination and hard work. " my ad lib of course of Philippians
You are an amazingly gifted and talented woman Celia. I am blessed to be part of your life and anxious to see all that God has in store for you.
In Christ,

Cati said...

I know what we're working on after your performance next week-memorization and improv. :) I've been working on it myself.... :)