Sorry Coffee, You Need A Face-Lift

Of all the things I am, one of the things I am not is a black-coffee drinker.
I guess I didn't inherit your coffee-preference genes Daddy.
Black coffee is just plain gross. It smells good. It looks good.
But the deceit lasts only until I take that first sip.
So I have to give my coffee a facelift.
A 1/3 cup of coffee (any kind- I'm not picky).
A splash of half and half.
A dollup or two (usually two) of creamy vanilla ice cream.
45-second microwave zap-session and....
ski-DOOSH! You've got a perfect cup of coffee. 
Hot. Sweet. Creamy. With that de-LISH foamy stuff on top.
Sorry, all you die-hard black-coffee-consumers out there.

*Evil laugh*

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