Writer's Agonies

Can anyone relate?

I get them every time I sit down to write a paper...

Blank page. Panic. Mind-block.
Lightbulb. Great title...or so you think.
Just write something. Anything. Scribble.
Cut. Chop. Edit.
Utter despair. Why am I writing this? It's all been written before.
Man, the paper doesn't really have anything to do with my ingenious title. Oh well.
Guess I'll change it later. Write. Write. Write.
Rack your brain. Take a break or you'll explode.
Caffeine. That's what I need. Hot, steaming liquid/ Half and half/ dollop of ice cream.
Aahh, that's better. New energy.
Pump out those words. Fingers, flying across the keyboard.
Words marching proudly across the screen.
Rush. Almost done. Last words.
Relief. Breathe at last. Done. Success.

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