Aaahh, the satisfaction...

Of using home-grown food.
This summer, we are experimenting with growing a few things in our back yard...we haven't tried it before because of some very rude neighbors - the dreaded Woodchucks. But so far, so good. Our plants are living in peace and we are enjoying them immensely. Here are a few of our brave beauties:

de-LISH basil (perfect for caprese salad!)

fragrant rosemary (perfect for pizza crust)

beautiful strawberries (perfect for...eating!)

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SheDan said...

Best wishes on your garden! ManDan and I had a garden a couple years ago and it was amazing. The food was so delicious!

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I love knowing someone is appreciating it. And no, I haven't changed the background or anything. It is been like that since I started. :)