It's time...to ramble

After I opened the Amazon box containing the piano sheet music for this album I don't think I stopped smiling for like 2 hours. Maybe more. Michael Bublé is already awesome, but when you put him and piano together.....*sigh*, it's very hard to explain. Right now I'm working on "Feeling Good"....and trying pathetically hard to figure out how on earth I can play the accompaniment and the melody at the same time. It's not working out so well. But I'll get it. It's time...to PRACTICE!

Quick note to my beautiful piano teacher:
Since I know you already mastered this mysterious mushing-of-the-accompaniment-and-melody thing, I thought maybe you could help me....just a little bit? *clasps hands imploringly*


Cati said...

MS. Celia- I love your new blog background. So YOU! :) So pretty and lovely.
And I am STOKED to hear that you got a Michael Buble book!! :D Can I teach you piano lessons all the time?!?!?
And course... we can work on that mysterious mushing-of-the-accompaniment-and-melody thing... as long as you promise to memorize too! :) I can't wait for tomorrow!

Kelsie said...

Oh, I love that album! And I didn't know you could buy Michael Bublé sheet music! I'll have to look that up...

Miss Virginia said...

I LOVE Michael Buble! I had no idea there was SHEET MUSIC!! *swoon*