Me. The Piano. And God.

Today, I started memorizing a song. 
It's not a hard song. I've known it for a while.
  P.M.'s Love Theme by Craig Armstrong. 
Tonight, I sat down and played through it a couple times. And then...
I flipped my music over. So I couldn't see the notes.
And I realized that before, when I said "I can't memorize," 
it was only because I didn't want the notes taken away. 
Because they gave me security. 
Because they were there for me when I blanked out and started to mess up.
But tonight, I found out that I don't really need them.
They're all in my brain.
I just needed to find them.
And I found out something else too.
When I play from memory, I can play with my eyes closed.
And it's just me. the piano. and God.
And it's beautiful.

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Cati said...

We're just posting comments back and forth, eh?
Good for YOU! I knew you could do it-
I am SO looking forward to getting my hands on that music tomorrow, which I have to learn in a week! ;)
And I'm going to miss lessons with you tomorrow.