Silly Moments

After reading a blog post on laughter by my dear friend over at Cati's blog, I started thinking about silly moments. Moments that make us laugh.

Like the time I grabbed a peeled hard-boiled egg, jumped in surprise, shrieked, and yelled, "It's SQUISHY!" and then laughed my head off at my own silliness.

Or like the time my little brother put a dead toad on me and it stuck to my sweater and I screamed and screamed and screamed (which of course he thought was hilarious).

Or like the time I was babysitting this awesome little boy and there was a huge spider crawling across the floor (and you know how I love spiders) and I, the babysitter, who is supposed to be the responsible one, jumped around and frantically told him to kill it, which he wouldn't, and then he finally stepped on it with his shoe right before it crawled under the couch. *shiver*

Or like the time I was babysitting the same little boy and we were running his lines for a drama show....and I was reading the other person's part...and I kept saying a word wrong...I don't remember what it was....and we ended up laughing so hard we couldn't breathe....

Silly moments are so much fun. And guess what-- you can turn and awkward moment or an embarrassing moment into a silly moment. Just laugh. And here's another thing-- laughter is contagious. But unlike most contagious things, laughter needs to be spread. So get out there and spread some!

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Kelsie said...

haha, I love this post! It just made my day. :o)