Boats passing by

I stand on the porch and watch the boats go by.

Some are smooth, sleek, fast.
Some are slow, stately, dignified.

Some are loud, so loud that I can hear them saying chug-chug long before I can see them.
Some are quiet, so quiet that all I can hear is the soft hum of the engine and the swish of their wake.

Some are new and beautiful.
Some are old and beautiful.

The white sails on the sailboats stand out glaringly against the blue water, yet somehow they still look as if they are part of the softly-moving waves.

A vast, watery highway...boats constantly travelling.
My heart is longing...I want to be out there...part of that

 highway of the sea.

Pic credit goes to....my amazing Daddy! Thanks for letting me use your pictures! =)

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