Little Bits O' The Sea

I walked down to the beach before the tide came in.

I wandered through countless crevices, each one opening up to a new stretch of rock-covered coast.

I sat down on a large rock that glittered brilliantly in the sunlight.

I dug my hands into the pebbles at my feet and gently began raking them with my fingers.

I saw all different sizes, shapes and colors.

But though they were many different colors, they had something in common.

They were all colors of the earth. Colors of the sea.

Some glittered, some shone, some were dull, some were almost transparent.

One was pure white, as white as snow.

And sprinkled among them, like little ocean jewels, were small shards of sea glass.

They were beautiful.


Beautiful little bits o' the sea.

Yes, I took that picture too. I sat endlessly on a very uncomfortable rock to get that shot. That picture is one out of....never mind, you don't really need to know.