Today was not my day

Yes. Today was unmistakably and undoubtedly not my day.

Three particular incidents come to mind:

1.) This morning, I rose from a piano-practice session and wandered out to the kitchen. "Is it supposed to rain today?" I asked my mom. "It looks kind of cloudy." It had been pouring all morning. And yes, we do have windows in our house.

2.) This afternoon, we were out grocery shopping. We came out of the store with our cart and were unloading stuff into the car. A receipt, which we mistakenly thought was ours, flew across the parking lot, being carried along by a rather strong gust of wind. I,  heroically taking my life in my hands, ran after it at full speed. I recovered it in short order by stepping on it...whereupon I picked it up. It was not our receipt. We had not used 8 coupons and we most certainly had not bought large quantities of fresh duck.

3.) On the same shopping trip, we were in a different store, in the check-out line. I took the cart through the line and parked it at the end so we could load our shopping bags. A highly-efficient store employee came by, nabbed the cart (apparently I wasn't standing close enough to it), and made off with it. I stared after her, not processing, not saying a word. I realized what had happened only when my mom asked, "Where's the cart?" *apologetic smile* "Umm, somebody took it..."

Yeah. It was pretty interesting.

But today wasn't all bad. There was some up-moments too...

Like when I was on a walk this evening, and leaves were crunching under my shoes. Crunching leaves in the fall is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

Or when I looked up into the sky just in time to see a cloud passing over the setting sun. The light of the sun lit up the edges of the cloud, turning it into a cloud with a gold lining.

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