I did two rather interesting things today.

One, I gracefully fell out of a big, white, 12-passenger van. 

You see, I was wearing my awesome honey-colored cowgirl boots with tassels. 

Despite their awesomeness, they lack a rather important feature. 


The soles are silky-smooth leather and the heels are about 3" high. 

Very bad combination. 

Anyway, as I was attempting to step onto the running board, I slipped, and down I went. 

And frankly, it was not very graceful. 

I shrieked, unsuccessfully tried to catch myself, hit the running board (but not with my feet) 

and started laughing so hard I almost cried. 

It was interesting. 

Slightly embarrassing, but quite hilarious.

Two, I tried pulled pork pizza.

 I don't really have much to say about it. 

Except perhaps that I don't love it. 

Something about the combo of pizza crust, BBQ sauce, pork, and mozzarella cheese 

just didn't appeal to me. 

But at least I can say I tried it now, right?

p.s. I decided to remove the floating leaves because my sister said she couldn't stand them. If you miss them terribly, let me know.


Kelsie said...

haha nice. Sometimes shoes can make or break a good fall. :oP

Cati said...

ewww... pulled pork pizza? I mean, I LOVE pulled pork... and I enjoy pizza. But together? Weird combo....