The Beauty of Hand-Written Letters

Do you write letters? Do you know anybody who writes letters? If you do, I bet you could count them on one hand. (Thank-you notes don't count. Dear [fill in the blank], thank you for my present. It was nice. But I really wish that you'd just send money next time. Don't even get me started.)

What on earth did humanity do without email? Cellphones? Twitter? Facebook? I'll tell you because I know that if I don't, you'll burst from curiosity. They wrote letters. On real paper. With a real pen. Hee hee. Surprised you, didn't I? You were expecting me to say that they wrote in the dirt with a stick, right?

Okay, I'll be serious now. There's just something so personal about hand-written letters. Somehow, How are you? or I love you or I miss you or Thank you written in ink looks so much better than how r u? or  i luv u or i miss u or thanx typed on a screen.

And it's so fun to go out to the mailbox, expecting the usual mix of junk mail, money-askers, ads, and bills...and find a real letter, just for you.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I like computers and cellphones just as much as the next person. But it wouldn't kill us to put on the brakes once in a while, sit down, and write a quick note. Try it sometime. You might find out that you really like it. Maybe you'll find out that it's fun. Therapeutic. Hey, you never know till you try. 

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