Our very own LOL Cat

Wait, before you take any pictures, how does my hair look?
Good? Thought so. No, of course I'm not conceited. Why do you ask?
 Don't you wish you had a fuzzy red mouse? It's really just a status symbol. Don't feel too bad.
CUT! Wash break!
This is one of those awkward photos that just make you look stupid. I told Celia not to put it in, but she did anyway. How mean is that?
A little help here? I lost the stupid mouse.

My awesome tiger hunting pose
Seriously, can't you give a guy a break? Stop taking pictures and HELP ME FIND THE MOUSE!
Okay, this is my favorite picture. Don't I look just like a lion? Don't I?
Beware mouse. I am licking my lips. The end is near.
Turnin' on the smolder. Did you faint yet?


Emilia said...

Thats our boy! I think he should go into movies as a career. Maybe he could debut in a re-make of 'That Darn Cat'. :P

Cindi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH too funny. I kinda want to do a post like this at some point? :)))

Kelsie said...

The smolder knocked me out for a week! lol Your cat is a good writer. :o)