Thing I Have Never Understood (TIHNU) #1

Blacking out price tags

What's the point, anyway? I mean, you can always see through the ink, so the person you're giving the item to is gonna know how much you spent on them anyway. But that's okay, because everyone knows that it's the thought that counts. It doesn't matter whether the thing cost 15 cents, $15 or 15 million dollars, right? Right? RIGHT? Why am I not getting any back-up here? Hello?


Ashley said...

It is just much easier to CUT the tag off, then to BLACK out (poorly) the price! lol

SheDan said...

This is a good one! I want to see more of these posts.

When I do this I usually end of scribbling so hard that tag starts ripping... Yeah... there is no way you going to find out what I paid now! Also, I am a pretty good shopper and usually buy things on sale anyways.