A Very Lovely Thanksgiving

I had a very lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you did too.

We had super yummy food. Like SERIOUSLY yummy.

Assuming that you're in the mood to drool, here are a few items from the menu:

Baked cod with two different toppings-
Parmesan cheese/parsley/breadcrumbs, and
tomato/basil/green onion

Yes, we really had seafood for Thanksgiving. Yes, we're weird. Yes, we're awesome.
Apple stuffing
Mandarin almond salad (made by me)
Pumpkin pie (made by me)

Does anyone besides me like to eat Cool Whip on their pumpkin pie?

After we ate, we all wrote down 5 things we were thankful for.

My 5 were as follows. I know. They're brilliant.

{1} Jesus Christ

{2} Music

{3} The ability to write these things down

{4} My family

{5} Whipped cream

Now, for The Attack on the Thanksgiving Left-Overs!

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Kelsie said...

I can eat Cool Whip out of the container, it's so good!