Winter craft

If you like to crochet, snowflakes are great winter craft. You can find literally hundreds of patterns online, and even if you're a beginner, you can probably whip one up in an hour or less. Great for keeping hands busy during movies, long car rides, etc.!

You can buy crochet floss for dirt cheap in most craft stores.
You might even know somebody who has some stashed in their basement.
"The Royal Crown Snowflake". I suppose it does look rather....regal, don't you think?
This pattern was called "Pretty Snowflake". So imaginative. 
Crocheted snowflakes make unique, inexpensive Christmas tree ornaments. I recommend stiffening them to help them hold their shape and make them more durable (you can probably find spray-on stiffener at your local craft store).

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Kelsie said...

I'm a terrible crochet-er... I really should learn to do it better, but... yours look great!