Christmas has come and gone...

Christmas is past....before we know it the new year will begin and 2011 will be history..



Just to warn you, I'm in kind of a dramatic mood right now. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm listening to the National Treasure movie soundtrack.

How was your Christmases, dear people?

Mine was quite lovely. I didn't go to bed on Christmas Eve until after midnight. Hopefully I didn't mess up Santa's flight schedule.

There was a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve, so at least Santa had a little to work with
Here are pictures of a couple of my fwavorite presents.

(New phone skin)

What was your favorite Christmas present?

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Kelsie said...

1) I <3 the National Treasure soundtrack!

2) I had a lovely Christmas, except I was dreaming of a white Christmas, and it wasn't white at all! I'm jealous!!!

3) Oh, I love Scotty's voice! I've got to get that cd. Is it as good as we all expect it to be?

We got my sister Kina Grannis' Stairwells cd, and it's really good! Have you heard any of her stuff?

Oh, and I got two ship models for my bedroom, and I'm so excited!!! :o)