This past week, I...

walked away from the counter at Starbucks without paying for my drink
{I really wasn't trying to steal it. I promise}

desperately missed the ocean

{Hence the picture}

ate way too much whipped cream

{No comment}


finished a 1015-word essay without losing my sanity

{that's why I was at Starbucks. I was getting a frappe}

(pic credit...me)


Marlene E. said...

I'm shocked and amazed. Why do I follow a person who STEALS frappes?!

Ooooh my goodness. I love this blog. :D

Anonymous said...

It was rather embarrassing, I was with her. (hee hee) AR

Kelsie said...

Shock! I never would have suspected you of a thief! How could you, Celia? haha Love the beach pic, and I'm very impressed that you are still alive after writing a 1015-word essay!!!

Ellie Mae said...

Ooooh, The beach picture is beautiful!...Now I'm missing the ocean too! I also noticed you are no longer "17 goiong 18" but a "brand new 18", how exciting! I hope you had a very lovely birthday!