birthdayish reflections

I have now officially entered the ranks of adulthood
When people ask how old I am, I will say I'm eighteen
And grown-ups will say,
Oh! Please call me by my first name
When you call me Mr./Mrs. So-and-So, I feel so old
Really now

I think I will have a hard time with that
I think that calling adults by their surnames 
Is a sign of respect
And it's hard not to feel like a rude little up-start
When I address them using their first names

Perhaps I will avoid the whole problem
By calling everyone Sir or Ma'am
I think that is a good plan
Don't you?


Marlene E. said...

Ditto on that one. I always hated it when young'ins addressed their seniors by their first names...

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YAY! Welcome to the coolio 18 club. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of the rose! I can't believe your eighteen. AR

The Wotrings said...

Cool how you are 18 and you have 18 followers! I just thought I'd mention that, where I am, calling adults by their first names is observed as friendly and not at all impolite. I understand what you mean, just thought maybe that might clear up a misunderstanding. it totally depends on the circle you're in and the spirit that the younger person is speaking from. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (=

Kelsie said...

Totally agree!

I'll be "old" in May, too, and I'm already feeling weirded out by it... :oP