Feline delitefulness

This is one of our cats. (Not to be confused with our other yellow cat. This one is infinitely less naughty.)

His name is Amos Edgar.

He's a slow mover, except when toy mice are involved. Especially ones that rattle.

He maintains a dignified air at all times. If he had a voice, he would speak in a British accent.

He must have a glass of water in the bathtub daily. Without fail, every time before he drinks, he determinedly digs at the bottom of the tub as if he is returning to his wilder instincts and has to unearth water to survive.

He comes down the stairs with utmost grace but unmistakably creaks the steps.

He would never admit it, but he is the sweetest, 10-year-old baby of a cat that ever lived. He prefers to be thought of as a lion- fierce, bold, free.

Isn't he adorable?


Cati said...

He always strikes me as a "King"....
Fierce, bold, free on the inside. But on the outside, just the biggest fluff ball you've ever seen.
And funny...I've always imagined he'd have a British accent too. ;)

Kelsie said...

haha that's funny. We always say my friend's cat is Spanish, that's why she never listens to anyone - she can't understand. :oP