Amusing babble

I just read Inkheart again recently. It's a charming, intriguing fantasy. 
Why couldn't my last name have been "Funke"? It sounds so fascinating.

Interesting fact: I don't like milk chocolate any more. 
But I eat a Kiss once in awhile, just for the sake of tradition.

I'm slowly getting faster at texting. 
I'm not such a perfectionist about capitalization and punctuation any more.
It's really quite sad.

Doesn't he have ridiculously long whiskers? 
When he's sniffing at something the whiskers go forward.
Like feelers. Feelers. Cats aren't supposed to have those.
It kind of creeps me out.

Oh well. I love him anyway. 
His lengthy whiskers just add to his cuteness.
Yes. He is very cute. And bad. Very, very bad.

*Cue random question*

Who's excited about The Hobbit coming out in December?


Cati said...

Love the pictures!

Kelsie said...

I can't believe you don't like milk chocolate! Chocolate chips are the joy in my life. haha