Ladies and Gentlemen....

I present you with....the colors of the sea. Blue. Gray. Green.

Can you guess what the shades are called? Get ready. They're pathetic.

"Pussy Cat", "Silver Mercedes", and "First Time". No, I'm serious.

Who gets to make up the names, anyway? Is nail-polish-naming a job?

I should definitely look into it. These people must be severely lacking in the imagination department.

I mean, come on. I could come up with some cool ones right now.

Salty blue.  Icy breakers. Mermaid's dream. It's really not that hard.

Alright. I'm off to call the polish-dubbing employees. Wish me luck.


Kelsie said...

I was just telling a friend earlier that I need to repaint my nails, and now I'm even more in the mood! I think it's cuz I wore flip-flops for the 1st time today. :o) Love this day each year!

SheDan said...

ahaha, I like your names better! First time? First time of what!? And I do not know any blue cats.

Marlene E. said...

Yeah, some nail polish companies seriously need to work on that department. Those lames are... pretty lame.
Yours, on the other hand, are a VAST improvement. ;)