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No, I'm not on an airplane. I'm not going on vacation. I'm not leaving the state. I wish I was. But I'm not. So the picture has absolutely no relevance to this post. I took it on the way to Georgia a couple years ago with a little point and shoot. 

Ahem. I really shouldn't be posting right now because it's getting late and I start rambling right about now.

Recently, I tried the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's. It was cool. And minty. And very green. I gave the maraschino cherry to my mom. And I ate the whipped cream off the top. It was very very good. So if you like mint and you want to get in the mood for Saint Patrick's day, I would strongly recommend trying one.


{sausage gravy and biscuits}

{suave coconut body wash}

{Cry Me A River sheet music}

{hazelnut coffee}

{blue sticky notes}

{giggly sisters}

{having to use sunscreen}

Gotta run. We're going to finish watching The Princess Bride. One of the sappiest, dumbest, funniest, most epic romances of all time. If you haven't seen it, all I can say is...inconceivable!

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Kelsie said...

Just saw Heartland on your sidebar. I didn't know you liked Celtic Thunder? That song got me addicted. :o) They've been my favorites ever since! :oD