❥ p.s., i love Mondays

I recently realized that I haven't done one of my Monday posts in awhile. I have decided to start again, because I usually have a distinctly bad feelings about Mondays and perhaps this will relieve them a bit.

I'm doing it a little differently than I have in the past...instead of picking only one thing to write about, it will usually be several. So. Let's get rolling.
❥Coffee so strong that I have to drown the bitterness in a sea of fat free half and half. I'm serious. It's like a drizzle of coffee and the rest is cream. And a bit of sugar. It makes me feel kind of wimpy.

 ❥The lovely magnolia-out-the-window. It reminds me of the dryads in Narnia.
❥Candles that eliminate unpleasant odors. They are especially useful when the kitchen smells like fish. Baked fish is really delicious, but the smell it leaves behind is anything but appetizing. Thank you, American Harvest candle. Even though you made the kitchen smell a little out of season, you saved me from a life of torment. Fish-stink torment. Don't laugh. It is a real fear I have.
❥Home-made maple syrup from some Dear Friends. It is patiently waiting to be married to some perfect pancakes.
❥1828 Noah Webster. Sometimes, I read the dictionary while I'm eating lunch. Should I be worried?
❥Borrowed books. Don't worry, I don't just read the dictionary. These books were such treats...so devourable. *made-up word alert* By the way, I finished The Hunger Games. I might post a review sometime in the near future.

❥Phone hunting. This morning when the phone rang, I had to sprint up the stairs and retrieve it from the towel closet. If you're wondering who would put the phone in the towel closet, it was me.

❥Daddy-compliments. I know guys don't usually notice outfits, so when my dad tells me I look pretty, it totally makes my day!


The Wotrings said...

We have those same dishes!( that cup in the top picture) And I drink my coffee the same way. My Dad drinks it black, He is much tougher than me. God Bless!-Ann♥

The Wotrings said...

P.S. I just saw that you watched The Princess Bride recently, that is such a hilarious, dumb, ridiculous, great movie, is it not? (=

Cati said...

I knew I had a good reason to be your friend before, but now I have a better one. Did you know I asked for an original Webster dictionary for my 18th birthday? It's a good read ;)