some confessions

{1} I've been eating milk chocolate. Perhaps it's stress. Or maybe desperation. Yes. It must be raw, undiluted desperation. Because I really do detest milk chocolate.

{2} I follow way too many blogs. But the problem is, I love all of them. So when I try to pare them down, all that ends up happening is me staring dejectedly at the never-ending list. Sometimes, I look at other people's blogger profiles and gaze longingly at their small, dignified list of blogs.
{3} I have to give a speech on Monday and I'm a teensy bit nervous. Okay, I'm more than nervous. I'm slightly terrified. Maybe, I'll just fall over in a dead faint when I stand up to speak. That would save a lot of trouble.

{4} This isn't a confession but I gave it a number so that it wouldn't feel left out. My new favorite phrase is "simply ghastly". Isn't it deliciously descriptive?


Marlene E. said...

OOh number four is the BOMB :D 'tis quite delicious, 'tis indeed! :D

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Best of luck on your upcoming speech! I know how nerve wracking it can be to give them. When I had a speech class sophomore year I absolutely DREADED going to it! I know you'll do just fine though ♥

Kelsie said...

I've been drinking tons of choc milk, too! But i <3 it... I can't believe you don't like it!