Things I Have Never Understood (TIHNU) #2

Punchy Buttons on Soft Drink Lids
(See my TIHNU #1 HERE)

I'm confused. Why do they bother putting buttons on the lids if no one ever pushes them in? I have been to one fast food restaurant in my entire life that punched the buttons. When I was younger, I would push in the buttons. It was fun. Now I don't. Even though I feel kind of bad that the poor little things don't have a job. Everybody should have a job. Even little pieces of plastic.

If I were into saving the environment, I would petition all the fast food chains to remove the punchy buttons from their soft drink lids. It would probably save thousands of pounds of plastic. They would accept my revolutionary idea and I would be famous. People would stop me on the street and say, "Hey, aren't you the lady who eradicated soft drink punchy buttons?" Doesn't that sound glamorous? Sigh. I'll keep dreaming.

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