war on the dust bunnies

For some undeniably peculiar reason, I usually get my cleaning urges when we have gorgeous weather. Go figure. Anyway, this morning I got a very bad cleaning urge. And so...I broke out the vacuum and attacked the dust, dirt, fuzz and hair that had the audacity to park on the floors and furniture.
Of course, you gotta have some music blasting. Who cares if you can't hear it over the vacuum? Country radio rocks!
Here is my most recent library loot. I'm not the only one who feels like I deserve to sit and veg out after intensive cleaning, right? RIGHT?


Kelsie said...

Yeah, warm days like today make me feel inspired to be productive! :o) inside and outside! I'm thinking about heading out to spend some quality time with my book and Mr. Sun. :o)

Cati said...

Sunshine makes me want to conquer the world.... And my cleaning list. If Tim wasn't off today, I probably would have scrubbed and organized my kitchen top to bottom!