10:49 AM // observations, pinches o' my morning

An early morning walk
Sleepy eyes, sweatshirt
Get out the door
Gasp in the freezing cold air
Breathing out clouds of steam
Walk fast
Legs numb
Cold nose

Clean up the dishes in the kitchen
Someone forgot
to put away the salad last night

Agatha Christie mystery
No-bake cookies
Perfect combination

Day goes by so slowly
when you get up early
Just dawned on me
that I got up early
this morning
And I didn't die

Roy Rogers playing on the TV
Fake scenery, cheesy action music
Shoot-em-up, ride hard
Black-and-white Western awesomeness

To have coffee or not to have coffee?
That is the question
This morning, the answer is yes.
Coffee, you are officially
my favorite hot liquid

I never quite understood
what people meant when they referred to a
"parellel universe"
So I looked it up
I thought that it would make me feel
ever so much smarter
But it didn't
It made my brain sort of muddled, actually

My morning sewing project:
repairing a G.I. Joe parachute
I had to use pink ribbon
because that was the only color
that could be found.
Oh well. The parachute now
sports a unique splash of color

Right now, I am wearing Sally Hansen
Nail growth Miracle Polish in
Blazing Sunset
As expected, the color doesn't look
anything like a blazing sunset,
but it's pretty. Well, it used to look pretty,
but now it's starting to chip and we don't
have any nail polish remover.

Sigh. Such are the hardships of life. (You may now roll your eyes.)

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The Wotrings said...

=D Has anyone ever told you that you are a good writer? You are.