12,415 below: We Remember The Titanic

When the RMS Titanic set sale on April 10, 1912
Little did the passengers know
That they were floating peacefully
Toward a watery grave

On April 14, at 11:40pm, the Titanic struck a deadly iceburg
Several places in the hull plates
on her starboard side collapsed
Five of her sixteen watertight compartments burst
Letting in torrents of water
Too much water

Over the next two and a half hours
The ship gradually filled with water
and sank

Women and children first
Not enough lifeboats

The water is so cold
So cold

2,223 passengers set sail
Only 710 returned

Titanic lies peacefully
12,415 feet below

Today, we remember

Photo credit: New York Herald [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Kelsie said...

Sad day in our history. Thanks for posting this, Celia.