Recently, my mom, sister and I have been watching the BBC drama Cranford (based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell).

My mom had seen it before and warned us that it was a bit slow. It was. But I liked it. When you watch a lot of British period dramas, you get used to slow-moving plots and little action, and you begin to appreciate the characters and dialogue.

One thing I didn't like so much about it was how many characters died. Someone died off every five minutes. I'm serious. You start liking a character and...whoops, they're dead. Thankfully, only one of my favorite people died. It all works out in the end, of course, but at the time it's very frustrating. And you start wondering if Elizabeth Gaskell couldn't figure out what to do with her characters and just bumped em' off so she didn't have to worry about them.

Don't you hate it when you recognize an actor or actress and you can't figure out the other movie you saw them in? That happened a couple times when we were watching Cranford. We eventually figured them out though. It was fun. It was amazing how many of the actors we'd seen before. Here are a few of the revelations we had....

This is the first actress we recognized and couldn't place at first. She plays Deborah in Cranford and she's pretty awesome. We finally realized where we'd seen her- in What A Girl Wants, with Colin Firth and Amanda Bynes.
This actress plays the sweet character Mattie in Cranford. She played a completely opposite part in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice, with Keira Knightley and Matthew McFayden. She was the nasty, acid Lady Catharine DuBourg.

Here's another actor that showed up from Pride and Prejudice (the goofy Mr. Bingley). His character in Cranford is a sweet gentlemanly doctor, which he plays very well.

One more actress we recognized plays the gossipy Mrs. Pole in Cranford. We had previously seen her in Nanny McPhee, with Emma Thompson and Collin Firth, where she plays the cook with crazy hair. She's slightly obnoxious but strangely likable.

Anyway, if you like British dramas, you should give Cranford a shot and let me know what you think.

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