I put vanilla extract in my coffee. It was very good. Even though it was imitation vanilla. Sometime, I want to try making vanilla. I think you use vanilla beans and vodka or something. 

I laid on a quilt in the back yard in the sunshine, read Write To The Point by Bill Stott (which I highly recommend, by the way), and stared up at the sky, which was completely cloud-free. The only thing separating me from the endless blue sea was some tree limbs, bursting with new leaves. But rather than separating me from the expanse, they seemed to draw me upwards...

I listened to country radio. Somehow, country radio makes everything more pleasant. Even cleaning up my room, which looked like a clothes-bomb had detonated within. It looks much better now.

I ate way too much homemade pizza. I'd rather not say anymore about it.

I meditated on Ephesians 4:29 and being a gracious woman.

I sucked up a spider with the vacuum and felt like a terrible, merciless human being. In my defense, though, earlier in the day I rescued another spider and set it free out the window. Hopefully, the freed spider with tell its friends of my heroic deed so that they won't come to avenge their relative's death-by-suction.

I got a comment on one of my blogs and it totally made my day. *cough*

I practiced a stubborn, ridiculous piano piece that I like in spite of myself.

I had a very exciting day. How was yours?

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