Excuse me while I digress

I am finally memorizing a piece of music (part of a duet for an arrangement of Cry Me A River by Michael Bublé). I have been experiencing brain torment, frustration and mental exhaustion. Should I be concerned? If there was ever an award for Exaggerator of The Year, I would win it hands down.

I put sweet pickles on my hamburger this evening. It wasn't very good. I don't recommend it. Unless, of course, you like sweet relish on your burger because that's the same things as sweet pickles, just a chopped-up version. Thought you might want to know that.

If someone decides to tear up tile in your house, scream, cover your ears, and run away. It sounds like a terrible combination of bones crunching and glass dishes shattering on the floor. 

Today, I painted my nails with stripes of red, royal blue and silver. It definitely did not match my outfit but it looked awesome anyway. I was kind of waiting for someone to ask me if I got mixed up and thought it was July 4, but no one did.

Does anyone else breathlessly remove their Snapple® caps to see what the Real Fact is? The most recent Real Fact I learned was that the dots on dominoes are called pips. I like that word. Pip. Perhaps next time I play dominoes, I will loftily air my new-found knowledge. "Would you look at that! This domino has three pips on it!"

I have to do a speech on Monday and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to talk about. It kind of concerns me to think about it. It's supposed to be a persuasive speech. What should I try to persuade people of? Smoking is bad for your health. Too obvious. You should seriously consider getting your pistol permit when you turn 21. Someone will have a fit. We should not be made to make speeches. Ooo, I like that one.

Have a lovely evening, dear peoples.


Miss Procrastinator

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Jolie said...

Hey you!! Long time no...post? comment? Yeah I kinda dropped off the blogger map for a while. :/ But I'm back! :)

P.s...Your posts are so much fun. :D