Last evening's extraordinary happening

My sis and I were walking down our driveway, on our way to the corner store to pick up some snacks and a movie from Redbox (We Bought A Zoo).

We spotted a middle-aged couple walking down the wrong side of the road, following an unleashed dog, a rather ugly, pugsy little thing with a bright pink collar.

We eventually found out the following:

A) It was not their dog
B) They had no idea whose it was, and
C) They could not catch the dog.

We couldn't either, for that matter. Now, normally, this wouldn't be a huge problem, right? But you see, the street we live on is more or less a "main drag", with almost constant traffic. Additionally, the dog insisted on wandering in and out of the road at a leisurely pace, speeding up only if you got close enough to grab her.

Thankfully, anyone who drove by managed to avoid the dog by slowing down or swerving. Eventually though, people started to stop. Within the next few minutes, the street in front of our house started looking strangely like a parking lot, with lots of sweaty people calling the dog (mostly "Come 'ere baby!" or "Here doggie doggie!"), trying (unsuccessfully) to catch the dog, and asking me, "Is that your dog?" about a million times.

The episode eventually ended with:
A) Me buying a very expensive bag of dog treats from the corner store in an effort to lure the dog away from the street
B) The dog completely snubbing them, and
C) The dog's owners coming down the sidewalk and saying, "Oh! That's our dog." They didn't look like they were going to have great luck catching her either, but that's when everyone left. We'd had enough.

Lesson learned: I am never buying Purina doggy bacon strips again.


Marlene E. said...

That stinks. I mean, that you had to buy something you didn't want/have to... and to have the recipient of your expensive purchase SNUBB it. Oh, the cruelty!

I hope there's a beneficiary of those Purina bacon strips...?

Cati said...

Awesome adventure, and great movie too! :)

Kelsie said...

I've missed your stories, Celia. :oD You make me smile.