speeches and squeezed brains

This is Amos. You're probably getting tired of seeing pictures of him, but I just can't help it. He's so darn cute. On a totally unrelated note (at least, I hope you'll think it's unrelated), I've been really lazy about taking pictures lately. And shots of Amos make up about 75% of of my photo library.

I'm tired. Last night was my last chorus concert ever. It was very nice but very sad. I wore a red sweater and a diamondy headband that squeezed my head like a sparkly metal pincher. I was afraid to take it off because I was afraid it would get caught in my hair and ruin my up-do. Pain, at times, must be endured for beauty. Thankfully, I had a chance to adjust the headband to a slightly less-painful position about half-way through the concert. But then my feet started killing me. I guess I was just falling apart.

I still have sore spots behind my ears from the headband. I think it's starting to affect my brain. Sigh. You'll have to excuse me.

Guess what- I survived my speech on Monday. I ended up doing it on U.S. Airport Security. I'll leave the contents to your imagination. For my next speech, I must tell a 4-5 minute story. Suggestions?

I think I'm done writing now.

Dear brain,

I'm very sorry for squeezing you to death last night. I promise that I will never wear that headband again. If you don't mind, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider returning to work on Monday. I will even give you a raise.

Your boss

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