can you guess who I'm thinking about?

Strong, gentle hands.
Old Spice.
A big brown Bible, the gold edging worn.
Dark chocolate.
Even though he's not a big fan of sweets, he's sweet.
Tall, dark, handsome.
Quiet, cool, assertive, confident.
Pick-up trucks.
Hogan's Heroes.
Ever-available life and writing consultations.
He says he eats Smarties to make him smarter, as if he doesn't have a ridiculous brain capacity already.
I feel safe.
I feel loved.
Kisses me even when I'm sick.
Scares away annoying teenage guys.
He's got my heart until the right guy shows up.
Always there for me.
One of God's biggest gifts to me.
Coffee, black as midnight.
Cowboy boots, size 12.
One of my biggest fans.
Have you guessed yet?
Well, I'll tell you.
It's a leader.
It's a man.
It's my Daddy.

Hi Daddy,

Happy Father's Day!

Did you like it? Thanks for being my dad. You're the best. You see, any man can be a father. But it takes a special man to be a Daddy. I'll always be your little girl and I love you so much. 

Love, Celia

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David said...

My Celia,

As you know, I do not usually comment about your blog entries online, but I really think this one requires a comment.

In your previous post you mention your cloth still has holes, that some of the words are not quite right. While that may be true with an occasional post, most of your posts (this one especially) show your tremendous gift of weaving words into a beautiful tapestry I continue to be amazed by. I have not read your equal and am truly blessed by what you share.

Each and every word you use draws the reader into your thoughts and allows for a personal and intimate connection.

I love you and I pray you will continue to use this talent you have been blessed with to bless others.

Love, Your Daddy