passing fancies

Some of us
weave ugly tapestries
infused with words of
Any golden threads
are overpowered by
smoky demon strands


The morning is beautiful,
but for me the night is full of enchantment
Thoughts, dreams, ideas escape unbidden
from the recesses of my mind
Sometimes, they scare me
But I must let them out
Let them out
The velvety darkness hides things
But many things are also revealed
Things that do not appear in the sunlight
At night
I am alone
But sometimes there is no peace
Because it isn't really quiet
Even though there is no sound
There is a never-ending loudness
in my thoughts
Let us out Let us out Let us out

If you could disappear into a color for a day, what color would you choose?


Anonymous said...

I would choose ocean blues. Adelaide

Kelsie said...

I love that picture!

And I think I would choose bright orange or yellow. Very summery. :o)