people say

Our enchanting pink peonies

People say "gap year" as if it is empty, of no importance, sort of a second-rate in-between.

I am determined that this will be untrue in my case.

I want this coming year to be full. Bursting with life. Opportunities. Exploration. Possibilities.

It is an endless frontier, and I am ready to explore it.

I am ready to no longer be concerned about what people think, to just be.

Be free. Be whole. Be radiant.

To do what I enjoy, and enjoy doing what I do.

To rise with courage, to go onward and upward.



Cati said...

No year, no time is truly a gap year. Every moment of your life is life, daily determining what God would have you to be doing. This year, or however many years, purpose to follow God and experience all the possibilities He has for you. I guarantee you won't magically have your life figured out at the end of your "gap" year, and that's OKAY. Pray, seek God, test doors, see which ones open and close, be open to possibilities no matter how stretching they are, and practice enjoying every moment, even the little things, the mundane things-these are lessons you will find invaluable for the rest of your life.

Ellie Mae said...

I despise it when people snub gap-years. Nearly everyone I have talked to who has taken extra time before persuing higher education has benifitted from that time. Many grew much closer to God by learning to tust Him through it all. I am taking at least half a year off right now and I am thrilled to be doing so. I feel as though God has something special that he needs me to discover during this time. Best wishes for you as you discover what adventures God has in store for your life, one day at a time.