Mayberry mourns

Dear Andy Griffith,

I never saw you on anything but The Andy Griffith Show, but I loved it. We all did.

You had the most wonderful smile. When Barney was being ridiculous you just chuckled softly and pretended to listen seriously.

In your character as Sheriff Taylor, you embodied a wonderful law officer. A wonderful man. A wonderful father. When Opie came and asked you a question, you dropped what you were doing and sat right down for a "man-to-man" talk. You were brave, true, honest, loyal.

I don't know what you were like in real life, but people say that you were a good man. I believe it. Your lovely wife said that you were looking forward to going home with the Lord.

Thank you for The Andy Griffith Show. There will never be another show like it. Thank you for all that you and Mayberry represented. Thank you for good, clean, wholesome fun that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

We'll miss you.

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