When darkness has been dripping from my pen, I must purge it by writing sweet things, beautiful things

Desperate to cleanse

The sweet smell of a chubby baby
The heart of a newly-opened rose
A first kiss
Coffee with cream
Miss Fanny's Hat
An old, wrinkled couple, holding hands
A long-awaited package
Sun rays shooting from a cloud
The smell of newly-sharpened pencils
A man's sturdy shoulders
The sea
A picnic in the afternoon
I Love Lucy
A book that makes you forget it is a book
Strong voices, singing of their Savior
A double rainbow
Long walks
A worn Bible
Unsoiled hearts
Gingham aprons
Chicken and noodle soup
Floppy sun hats


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Papa T said...

I hope that you are capturing these thoughts somewhere besides cyberspace so that others can read them in the future. Thanks again for sharing.