eyelashes and confessions

Recently, I wore false eyelashes for the very first time. They were quite easy to put on and were fairly comfortable, if, of course, you don't mind a perpetual black shadow hovering in your peripheral.

In an attempt to inspire myself to better and higher heights (this is a completely different subject), I ordered the violin part for The Devil Went Down To Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band. If you have heard that song and recall the fiddle part contained within, you would probably agree that a good word to describe it would be insane. I don't know what came over me. But anyway I got it about a week ago and still haven't tried to play it. In all truth, I'm afraid of it. I listened to the song on YouTube and turned it off part-way through, my heart sinking. (If you hadn't noticed I get rather dramatic at this time of night.) If I ever get up the courage to try to play it, I will consider it an important milestone in my life as a musician.

Tonight, I was practicing Viennese Waltz in the kitchen and Milo (one of our orange cats, the bad one) looked at me very strangely. But I didn't really mind because I was concentrating on not getting dizzy (it's hard not to). Milo looks at me strangely fairly often. Cats are mysterious beings.

Speaking of getting dizzy, have you ever tried texting and spinning around at the same time? It forces you to focus completely on your phone screen. It's fun. At least, I think so. Maybe it's because I'm unusual. Very unusual. For example, I'm part of the strange breed that actually genuinely likes prunes. But I don't like green olives.

I'm going to stop writing now. It's 9:24pm and we are entering the blogging danger zone. Have a lovely evening, everyone.

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Papa T said...

I have seen Charlie Daniels play that song in person, he gets "insane" as you call it and always ends up with a lot of broken hairs flying from his bow as he plays. It is a wonder that there are any left when he is finished.