let myself get carried away in the current of words...

Mists of pale, ashy lace

A howling chant is reflected in the glass fire

A gust of wind twirls the grass in the wake of the rushing storm

An eye flaps in the whirling fog

A sighing tide curls over the earth

In the hour of quiet, the grave dozes among the skulls of longing pasts and broken dreams

no dictionaries allowed

A clear pool of lies
mirror mirror, on the wall...
unexplored depths of chrystal
centuries old
applauds beauty
reflects ugliness with sickening clarity
there are some whom the mirror doesn't have to lie to
they've already mastered lying to themselves...
reflects light
useless in darkness
Clear-faced, Two-faced

Liquid blessings
Air brightener
Warming my neck
Golden highlights
Heavenly fireball
Dictator of the trees
Dance, trees
Dance for me
Piercing the clouds
Makes the ocean glass
and the snow precious jewels


Papa T said...

Some parts of your "current of words" is confusing to this old man and a dictionary would not help. I really love, and can empathize with, your description of the Sun. Thank you again for sharing with the rest of us (some of your wonderful photos to accompany these descriptions would be awesome).

Kat5709 said...

Celia the first writing in this series is wonderful... maybe publish it? Nice work - your cousin kathy