:: Lovin' ::

::Big sparkly rings:: I like 'em big enough to notice. I mean, come on, what's life without a little bling?

::Cloud pictures:: We were on a road trip earlier today, and the clouds were positively magnificent. Never accused of lacking imagination, I started seeing all kinds of puffy artwork. A moose with big hair. A stick person desperately running away from a peacock. A submarine with a searchlight. All kinds of sea creatures, looking as if they were caught in mid-splash....

::Good books:: Books that can frankly be described as good are getting more and more scarce. But I suppose it makes the ones you do find even more special. I would heartily recommend Hugo Cabret. It is a touching read with stunning illustrations. There is a movie based on the book ("Hugo"), which is worth watching. Beautiful cinematography.

::Lipstick marks on my coffee cup:: I'm not quite sure why I like these. But at least I can always tell which cup is mine. (It helps that my mom and I wear different shades of lipstick.)

::New sheet music:: There are few things that excite me as much as new music. Once I have it I can't bear to leave it alone. I have to play it right away. Now, it's debatable whether it's a good idea for me to sit down and try to play a full piece with both hands right off the bat, but that's a different subject entirely. Shortly after I acquire the new piece, I play it almost to death and get terribly sick of it. Then, several weeks later, I pick it up again and discover I like it as much as ever.

Aaaah. It feels so good to blog again.


Cati said...

Didn't know you were a bling girl! I'm shocked actually! ;) and that sheet music....um, I want to hear you play it!

Kelsie said...

Oh, yeah! I'm in agreement with all of these. :o) And that ring is awesome!

Jolie said...

Sooo can I just say we're pretty much kindred spirits? 1., your ring is AMAZING. I want it. ;) 2., From one art-lover to another, your artworks sounds epic...post some?! 3., cloudddsss, yessss! 4., Good books...always a win. 5., new sheet music is probably the best feeling ever. Ahhh, you're making me want to start playing piano again! I wish I had time. :'( 6., lipstick and coffee...say no more. Two of the best things ever invented on God's beautiful planet.