operation coconut

Last evening, I was in the grocery store and I decided to buy a coconut. I mean, I didn't walk in the store and think to myself, I'm going to buy a coconut today. I'm just not that cool. They were next to a produce stand that my dad was looking at. And I looked at them and decided I was going to buy one. So I did.

Today, we opened it. Now, I was completely lost as to how on earth one opens a coconut. I had a vague idea that you smashed it open with a hammer and then coconut milk sprayed all over the place.

Thankfully, we had a Food magazine that told us all we needed to know about opening a coconut.

First, we skewered it, using various and sundry utensils. My dad was in charge of the proceedings because it was his Food magazine. And he's the best at these sorts of things.

The next step was to drain all the watery liquid/coconut milk out. I was very disappointed. I thought it was going to be a beautiful, milky white. Maybe that's a different kind of coconut. Or maybe that's just in storybooks.

Milo (one of our yellow cats, the bad one) was watching the proceedings with a great and undying interest. Well, it wasn't exactly undying interest because after he watched for a moment or two he got off his chair and went about his business (which mostly consists of sauntering around, looking cool and getting into trouble). Oh well.

The Food magazine informed us that we would get about half a cup of milk. I must have picked a very juicy coconut. I was proud.

There is the beautiful hole, compliments of a screwdriver with a blue handle.

The next step was to wrap it in a towel and tap it gently with a meat mallet. It cracked without any trouble or drama or mashing or squirting. Way too tame for my taste.

There is the inside. It was snowy white and very hard.

It tasted lovely. Just like the bags of coconut you get at the store. Except fresher, wilder...better.

The coconut in all its snowy glory, captured on camera by Daddy.
I managed to grate about half of the coconut. It was very hard and slippery and I'm kind of a wimp about these things. When my hand started aching I stopped. But it looked pretty and that made me happy.

So. That was my latest adventure. I love trying new things. It adds spice to my life. Or maybe it just adds more nuttiness. Get it? Coconuts? Nuttiness?

I'm leaving now.


Kelsie said...

Wow, sounds like a fun time! I've never tried a whole coconut, but I love the little bags of grated stuff! Maybe I should try it...

I bought my first mango a month or two ago and had no idea what to do with it. Thankfully a friend knew how to do it and happily shared the joy. :o)

Ellie Mae said...

My best friend and I were in Florida once and we thought "hey! Lets get a coconut, this is the perfect place!" We both knew how to go about the process, but it ended uo being a good thing we were in the back yard. Apparently it wasn't as fresh as it was advertised to be and the smelly fermented juice sprayed all over us! We were picking bits if coconut out of our hair for the rest of the night.

Papa T said...

Great photos and story. I really enjoyed fresh coconut amlot when I was living in Southern China. There is nothing like the taste of the "meat" out of a freshly opened one. Thanks for sharing (and thanks to your photo assistant too).

Cati said...

That is so awesome! Now I want to get a coconut and try it!

Jolie said...

Ha, that's legit. I've always wanted to buy a coconut just to experiment with it! You've inspired me to not just think about it...but to actually go do it! Sooooo next time I'm at the grocery I might just have to buy me a coconut. :)
Also, let's be friends. I don't like just randomly commenting on your blog every couple of months when I remember that I blog. I think you're kind of awesome and we should be friends. Sound good? Okay great. :)