recent accomplishments

Last night, 11-something-PM: I picked up a daddy-long-legs off my bedroom wall

I went into my room to get a book, and I suddenly noticed something on the wall. I let out a small gasp. It was a spider. Well, a daddy-long-legs to be precise, so technically not a spider. But still rather large and inexplicably disturbing. Now, in my own defense, I have picked up daddy-long-legs countless times...outside. Somehow, it was quite different having one on the wall by my bed. I went and unlocked the back door. At least I was going to be merciful. Cringing inwardly (well, probably outwardly too), I gingerly picked it up by one leg...only to find that I had a leg in my hand but no spider.

Thoroughly grossed out, I watched in horror as the spider fell among my bedsheets. I threw back the covers and tossed each of my stuffed animals off after careful inspections, but the horrid creature was nowhere to be found. It is one thing to know a spider is near you and to have it in your sight. But it is quite another thing to know a spider is near you---in your bed, no less---and you can’t see it

I steadily lost my nerve as I continued searching among the sheets. Finally, when I yanked back part of the quilt, there it was, looking rather squished. Quite horrified, I cautiously moved the blanket to see if it would move. It did, rather quickly too. I was in no shape to catch it now. I just stood there by my bed, wringing my hands in a state of utter consternation.

Thankfully, Mom came by just then, took stock of the situation, picked up the culprit and deposited it where it belonged-- out of doors. Finally, gone.

Sitting safely on the couch, I kept feeling creepy-crawlies all over me. Spiders and I simply do not get along.

Today, 8-something-AM: I texted my friend while jumping on a trampoline

It was, admittedly, very disorienting. But many things are disorienting when you do them before breakfast.

Today, 9-something-AM: I made myself a perfectly enormous cup of hazelnut coffee

I made it with the Keurig machine and I remembered to put a cup underneath and I didn't spill a drop. It was a bittersweet cup of coffee, because it was my last k-cup. As you might know, k-cups are kinda pricey.

Today, 10-something-AM: I speed-read a 247-page book in about half an hour

Admittedly, it was teen fiction. If you've read much teen fiction, you'll know why I was able to read it so fast. Fluffy is the word that comes to mind.

If you're still reading this (which means you're amazingly patient), have a splendid day.


Marv said...

Yeah, I am still reading at the end. Someone once called me the most patient man they had ever met. But patience was not the mover to read your post in its entirety. I like your style. Everyday things seem to take on a picture; simple but elegant, if that makes sense.

Papa T said...

I also read to the end, and enjoyed the (mis)adventure with the spider, as well as your through the morning comments. Texting on the trampoline, please be careful so you do not miss the and end up on the ground. Do I sound like an overly concerned adult? :0)

Kelsie said...

now I want to try texting and jumping! I'm sure i'd mess up, though, haha.

I'm such a slow reader there is no way I could read a 247 page book of any kind in 1/2 hr. I'm very impressed that you can! :)