thoughts of an utterly random nature

I have not yet discovered why I do not like milk chocolate. Even milk chocolate with caramel. Is there something terribly wrong with me? Maybe it's just in my genes and I can't help it.

Sleep-overs should be called something else. I mean, who sleeps at a sleep-over? Talking, yes. Watching movies yes. Laughing, yes. Eating junk, yes. But sleeping? Come on. Give me a break. Who needs sleep anyway? Well, actually, to tell the truth, I did a sleep-over last weekend and my friend and I went to bed at midnight. That was an exception. We were exhausted.

Anyway, I'm one to talk about sleeping. I go to bed late almost every night and regret it almost every morning.

I've decided that fall is my favorite season. Spices. Crisp air. Scarves. Apple cider. Pumpkin in everything. Plaid. Crunchy leaves. Hats. Trees dressed in a glorious array of colors. By the way, happy October 1st.

I'm considering turning on comment moderation for my blog. I keep getting anonymous, spammy comments and they are not cool

I'm going to try to get a few things crossed off my bucket list before 2013 and age 19. It's coming fast. 

I leave you with these words of wisdom.

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