Bucket list bash DAY FOUR

Make bread in a crockpot

To be honest, I never even knew that you could make bread in a crockpot until just a couple days ago. I felt kind of uneducated. Like I'd been living under a rock my whole life. Like I was a total alien to the baking world. Like...never mind.

Anyway, I decided to give it a try. I rolled up my sleeves and brought up the recipe on my laptop. The original recipe made four loaves, so I quartered it, with only a few calculating issues and a consult with our live-in mathematician (Daddy).

Apparently, the recipe made four very small loaves, so my container was a little large. Can you say overkill?

The dinky little thing went into the crockpot. It looked kind of pathetic, but I figured it was a good test loaf, right?

You know how when you bake a new recipe, you want to stay around and watch it, like it might explode or something? I exercised rather amazing self-control and didn't hover around the crockpot for hours. Because that's what it took. Hours. I peered through the fog on the lid every once in a while, but it continued to look like a pale...lump.

Rather discouraged, I decided to leave the pathetic thing to its own devices.

Eventually, I noticed a promising crisping around the edges of the loaf and a light golden color. It had been in for about 2 hours at that point so it had to be baked through.

I cheated and stuck it in the oven so that it would get a good crust on it.

And....TA-DAH! Here is the mind-blowing result....

I won't be offended if you don't think it's mind-blowing. It did taste pretty good though. Wish you could have tried it.


Kelsie said...

It looks really good! I didn't know you could make bread in the crockpot, either... but I don't make much of anything in crockpots, tend to be an oven girl. :)

Papa T said...

Looks really good. Glad that you are working on your "real life" skills for survival. Also happy to see that your education via the live-in mathematician is continuing.

The Wotrings said...

Trying new recipes and hovering, yep! Also looking at the recipe a billion times because you aren't sure if it really did call for cinnamon and you can't just wing it like you do with old recipes. Glad it turned out! It looks yummy.

Faye_Oliviaa said...

This is seriously such a good idea for blog posts. Its nice to see someone achieving something everyday... keep it up! xx