Bucket list bash DAY TWO

Vote in a Presidential Election

My first time. I filled in the bubbles and fed it into the machine.

I felt responsible. Empowered. Patriotic.


I did a brilliant thing today. Mom and I were going to the grocery store. I was driving. We were talking away about something...I put the Jeep in drive and started rolling down the driveway. My mom made an indistinguishable noise. I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to start the engine.

Whoops. My mom laughed for at least the first mile. I love you, Mom.

I redeemed myself being parking perfectly in the grocery store parking lot.

I'm allowed to have a blond moment once in a while.

No smart remarks, please.

1 comment:

Papa T said...

Sounds like an interesting day. Glad that you went out and voted. I am surprised that you were able to put the jeep in drive without the engine running, you cannot not do that with our vehicles. You must be a very talented driver, blonde moments aside :o)